Luke Anthony

Darkly romantic mood music for lost souls

The worlds of classical and jazz, structure and syncopation, order and improvisation merge in Luke Anthony’s extraordinary debut album, Saxophone Concerto. Crossing musical boundaries the composer has created a lush, panoramic score, unlike anything you would have heard before.

Sensually cinematic it takes the listener on an emotional journey of shifting moods and moments, from bitter sweet melancholy to joyful hope, in the company of some of London’s finest musicians.

Technically impressive, it also boasts an audacious range of styles reminiscent of the work of: Philip Glass, Michael Nyman, Arvo Part, John Adams, Keith Jarrett and Chick Corea.



April 2022

C minor mass revised.

The Theme revised.

Revising Montuno.


"A Contemporary Masterpiece"

Selwyn Harris, Jazzwise Magazine:

"The CD's centrepiece is an engaging third stream, ECM influenced soprano saxophone concerto...it features a discerning contribution from saxophonist Tony Woods played against a majestically written, minimalist chamber orchestra backdrop."


Luke Anthony is one of a host of composers - including, each in their different ways, Lionel Sainsbury and Graham Lynch) who are announcing their presence outside the conventional label scene. It’s a multitudinous trend so we will miss some but I am glad to have encountered Anthony’s music and want to hear more. His current projects include a Requiem Mass, an album of piano music and a new folk/rock album. That Requiem should be promising.